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Circa Survivor

The Biggest Survivor Contest

Circa Survivor, the only high-stakes Las Vegas Survivor Contest. Contestants pick a different NFL winner straight up every week. Contestants must use a different team each week (no repeats). After each week, all entries with a loss or tie are eliminated. The last surviving entry wins and take home $10 MILLION dollars. Who will be the CIRCA SURVIVOR?

Circa Survivor

Entry Fee of $1,000

1 Pick Each Week

Only Winning Entries SURVIVE Each Week

$10M Prize, Winner Takes All, No Rake

Limit of 10 Entries per Contestant

Thanksgiving & Christmas Day Contest: To make things a little more interesting. Thanksgiving & Christmas Day will be its own “contest week” You can’t use the same team twice during the contest so be careful using those Thanksgiving Day teams early in the season!

Half Price Proxy Advantage

Pick Changes Allowed

Half Price Proxy is the ONLY proxy service that allows the customer to change their picks anytime before the deadline. This is a MASSIVE advantage for customers and is the single biggest factor that separates us from the other proxies. We don’t just churn through customers…we genuinely want to see our customers win!

Never Miss A Pick With Half Price Proxy

For just under $14 a week, Half Price Proxy will serve as your personal proxy for the Westgate SuperContest, Circa Sports Millions, or the Circa Survivor. Our service gets you into the world’s largest pro football contests.

One Flat Fee

We charge a flat fee for each entry. We will never take a percentage of your winnings.

Pick Changes Allowed

Change your picks anytime before the deadline via our online portal.

Late Selection Times

We offer some of the latest selections deadlines available. Thursday at 3 pm EST if selecting a TNF game and Saturday at Noon EST for all other selections.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our service that we will refund your entire proxy fee if we make an error to your detriment in placing any of your selections.

The Competition vs

Half Price Proxy

A simple comparison shows it’s not really a comparison at all. We have the LOWEST fees and the BEST service on the market, period.

Lowest Service Fees

Multiple Entry Discounts

Online Submission Portal

No Missed Games

Pick Changes Allowed

half price proxy comparison chart 2023

What Clients Are Saying…

I’ve used this proxy service for years and they are fantastic to work with and very reliable.

– Phil Hellmuth,
14-time WSOP Winner

Half Price Proxy was very easy to work with and they are very reliable. I plan on using them again next year and every year after that.

– Team 1928 Geddes

This is my first year using Half Price Proxy and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service. Easy interface, weekly updates and reminders, as well as being extremely accessible. Thanks for everything! See you next year!

– Team #FadeTheFlats

I recommend Half Price Proxy for anybody who wants to use a proxy service for the Westgate SuperContest. Their prices are lower than everyone else. Once your picks are made, you get an email verifying your picks, and when they submit the picks you get an additional email so that you aren’t worried if the picks are in. And when you don’t have your picks in, they send you a reminder email to get them in. I can go on and on about how great their service is especially with this being my first time using them. Highly recommended!!!”

– TeamNoSleep

Half Price Proxy is simply the best proxy around. They are way ahead of the game. They provide us the contest lines/spreads over 1-2 hours before they are posted on Westgate. They crunch the standings numbers several hours before Westgate. MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY NEVER GET UPSET WHEN I WANT TO CHANGE MY PICKS. OTHER PROXY SERVICES GET VERY UPSET. They are very professional, prompt and courteous. AND BEST OF ALL ITS ALL FOR HALF PRICE!

– Team helmetshouldermypads

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